Hudson Valley String Quartet


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The Catskill Chronicle - The Parksville Music Festival's July 12th concert featured Orange County's Hudson Valley String Quartet.  The three works were lovingly played by the ensemble. And speaking of joy, it was a joy to watch them interact with each other. The pleasure they all get from playing as an ensemble was visually evident as, with much concentration, they brought out and communicated all the emotion inherent in the three works: Mozart’s fun with the new-to-him Italianate Divertimento style, Haydn’s highly crafted musical structure and his interplay-dialogue between the four parts, and then a harbinger – a glimpse of the profundity of the Beethoven-to-come in his later quartets, with his intuitive knowledge of what harmonic progressions and key and modality changes can do to our senses. SEE THE FULL REVIEW HERE

The Warwick Historical Society - We so appreciate the time and talent you added to "Warwick Weddings Then And Now".  Your music was just the touch to make the setting wedding-like and lovely.  We are very grateful to have your support for The Warwick Historical Society."


1st Movement from Shostakovich String Quartet #6

4th Movement from W.A. Mozart's String Quartet #17 in B-flat Major, K. 458 "The Hunt"

Recorded by Rave Tesar, Studio X, Warwick, NY - August 2017
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